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A global economy means larger markets for our customers but it also means vastly increased competition. Our customers have to shift gears on the fly, and that takes a laser-like focus on their core competencies and usually a large amount of money. InterPro's CoSourcing approach can help.

InterPro's CoSourcing approach means that InterPro's skilled team works closely with our customers to develop the business process solutions that best suit their specific needs. CoSourcing routine business process functions to a trusted vendor like InterPro can make a huge contribution to achieving the time and money needed to better focus on your core business. And our single window approach means less paperwork and more time to attend to core issues for your customers.

InterPro CoSourcing Vs. Traditional Outsourcing

  Traditional Outsourcing Disadvantages InterPro CoSourcing Advantages
Client web-based tracking is not available. Clients track using advanced web-based software.
Clients lose control over project quality and schedules. Clients retain complete control.
Client must choose between quality and control associated with onshore processes, and lower costs associated with offshore processes. Composite model ensures high quality and low cost.
Resource inventory and vendor partnerships take precedence over client's agenda. Client's agenda is always the top priority.
Traditional vendor-supplier relationship with one-way communication. Highly collaborative partnership.



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